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TransFlow Fluidising Media

Where can it be used?


Silos, hoppers and bins:

Many silos have small discharge openings relative to the diameter of the silo. This usually results in poor or erratic flow from the silo all or part of the time. To solve this problem, hoppers are designed with fluidisation segments or zones or if necessary the complete interior lined is lined with fluidisation media. Control valves can be added to segmented hoppers to allow use of one or all of the segments at any particular time. The control system is used to minimize gas usage and allows the use of only the fluidisation zones required to keep material fluid.


Outlets, transitions and down spouts:

In many cases the obstruction to powder flow is in gravity outlets, transitions and downspouts which are attached to hoppers. Outlets and downs spouts can be fabricated in virtually any size, length, or shape, partially or completely lined with fluidisation media depending on the application. The friction reduction which is created enables powders to flow more readily while eliminating product build-up on critical surfaces. Unlike non-stick coatings, stainless steel fluidization media does not wear off, and will have a long maintenance-free life.


New or existing process equipment:

Having determined that fluidising media will enable fine powders to flow through hoppers and down spouts another real challenge is in process equipment used to meter or convey powders from storage hoppers. In many cases standard rotary valves, diverter valves, screw conveyors etc. will actually obstruct the flow of fine powders. Lining the interior surfaces that are creating the problem in these critical areas of the equipment will eliminate surfaces for product to build up, or bridge over. The powder will stay in a conditioned and fluidised state from the storage vessel until it reaches the process.


Most flow aids only partially solve flow problems. Some even make the problem worse. With TransFlow fluidisation media, the fluidisation can be directly applied to the surfaces that need it. Silos, hoppers outlets, transitions, down spouts and process equipment are designed to condition and fluidise products reliably to give repeatable performance. Control systems are designed around the users operating parameters to minimize gas usage while maintaining reliable powder flow from start to finish.


Remember, TransFlow fluidising media has no moving parts….does not shake or vibrate… virtually silent….does not wear off……is easily cleaned and requires no maintenance!!