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Stinger Screw Conveyor



The STINGER screw conveyor (patent pending) has been developed to solve the problems of conveying and accurately metering pigments such as TiOČ, carbon black and other sticky and cohesive powders.



The STINGER screw conveyor consists of a solid metal outer tube with one or more inlet transitions, an inner tube, a central conveying auger and a discharge transition.


The inner tube is lined with Transflow fluidising media which is a porous 316 stainless steel material with an ultra smooth contact surface manufactured for precise permeability and strength. This media produces an evenly distributed layer of low pressure compressed air/gas that floats the bulk material above the media. This boundary layer above the media reduces buildup, friction and wear. This makes it easier for the material to slide by eliminating compaction and drag.



The STINGER screw conveyor can be used to condition and convey sticky and cohesive powdered materials. The Transflow fluidising technology, along with the unique auger design dramatically improves material flow accuracy and reliability in handling materials with poor flow characteristics.



  • The STINGER Screw conveyor requires 75% less power than traditional mechanical screw conveyors.
  • This smaller direct drive unit along with the low headroom design makes it easy to install into existing processes.
  • Conveying capacity: up to 20,000 Kgs/Hour.
  • Conveying lengths up to 12,000mm.
  • Standard tube sizes: 40mm-300mm diameter.