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TransFlow Fluidising Media

Stinger Conveyor



STINGER Conveyors have been developed to solve the problems of conveying and accurately metering pigments such as TiOČ, carbon black and other cohesive powders and pigments as well as abrasive powders like clays and ceramic products that normally wear out screw conveyors in a very short time.



The STINGER conveyor consists of a solid metal outer tube with one or more inlet transitions, an inner tube and a discharge transition.


The inner tube is lined with Transflow fluidising media which is a porous 316 stainless steel material with an ultra smooth contact surface manufactured for precise permeability and strength. This media produces an evenly distributed layer of low pressure compressed air/gas that floats the bulk material above the media. This boundary layer above the media reduces buildup, friction and wear. This makes it easier for the material to slide by eliminating compaction and drag.



The STINGER screw conveyor can be used to condition and convey sticky and cohesive powdered materials. The Transflow fluidising technology dramatically improves material flow accuracy and reliability in handling materials with poor flow characteristics like TIO2, carbon black and other pigments. The Stinger can also replace screw conveyors handling sugar, flour, and calcium carbonate.



  • Standard sizes are 40mm, 50mm 75mm and 100mm diameter.
  • Convey capacity up to 25,000 lbs per hour.
  • Lengths of 30 feet and longer.
  • No moving parts.
  • Dust tight.
  • No internal restrictions.
  • Low head room requirements.
  • Reduced safety concerns with low noise and vibration.


Materials Handled

Products successfully moved by Transflow Fluidising media


ABS Compound Feldspar Phenolic Resin
Acetate Ferrite Powders Phosphates
Activated Carbon Fertilisers Pigments
Adipic Acid Fly Ash Polymers
Alumina Fumed Silica Potash
Aluminium Oxide Gilsonite Pumice
Antomite Gluten Meal PVC Powder
Aspirin Powders Gypsum Quartz Dust
Borax Hydrol Sawdust
Cab-O-Sil Iron Oxide Silica Flour
Calcium Carbonate Kaolin Clay Silicone powders
Calcium Chloride Lime Soaps
Carbon Black Limestone Dust Soda Ash
Cellulose Powder Magnesium Sulphate Sodium Bicarbonate
Cement Metal powders Sodium Phosphates
Cereals Milk Powder Sodium Sulphates
Citric Acid Nylon Spices
Clay Powders Oat Flour Starch
Cocoa Powders Pebble Lime Sugar
Coffee  Phenolic Resin Talcum
Copper Powder Phosphates Tea
Corn Powder Pigments Titanium Dioxide
Detergent powders Polymers Urea
Diatomaceous Earth Potash Whiting
Dolomite Pumice Zinc Oxide



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  • General Arrangement: Stinger feeder loading system - please click here
  • Assembly: Direct-from-bag stinger unloader system - please click here
  • Assembly: Bulk bag/bag dump unloading station with stinger feeding system - please click here
  • General arrangement: Elevation with bulk bag filling station - please click here
  • Assembly: Stinger, size 6 x 3, horizontal, modular, with end clean-out ports - please click here