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Problem: Material bridging at inlet

Symptom: Conveyor runs, but nothing is conveyed. Inconsistent flow rates through conveyor.


Remedy: Typically the Aero-Mechanical Conveyor has an inlet that requires product to flow into the conveyor at a shallow angled inlet connection. Most conveyors have inlets at approx. 45 degree slopes. Many powders will not flow on the 45 degree slope without some type of assistance. Most conveyor manufacturers offer an inlet with a vibrator to assist in product flow, and some manufacturers offer fluidization on the shallow slope which works well for fine powders.


The inlet variations listed above do not however cover flow problems in hoppers, ducting, transitions, or other devices that are to feed the conveyor. Remember, if the product will not flow into the conveyor, it will not be conveyed. Proper design of the inlet feed is essential for consistent conveying.


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