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TransFlow Fluidising Media

TransFlow fluidising media has no moving parts…does not shake or vibrate…is virtually silent….does not wear off…is easily cleaned and requires no maintenance!


The Solution

Transflow is a newly developed concept in the design of aerator devices that solves numerous problems of reliably handling and discharging sticky’ cohesive and difficult to handle bulk materials. TransFlow is available as standard pads transitions, downspouts and complete hoppers to your exact requirements.

This new technology is an important leap forward in the method of moving hard to handle bulk materials. TranFlow is the culmination of years of research and development that resulted in a fluidising media which promotes reliable flow of ‘hard to handle’ materials and has a life expectancy ten times that of conventional vibrating devices.


Over the years vibrators, vibratory bin dischargers, bridge breakers, and air cannons are some of the devices that have been used with very mixed results in an attempt to solve powder flow problems. The development of fluidisation media such as Transflow has finally arrived. The numerous uses of this type of material have enabled it to be used in most applications where common flow problems occur.