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Aero Mechanical Conveyors



VHC – Vertical/Horizontal Conveyors

The VHC is designed for high speed conveying by a single unit for feeding into the centre of a bin or hopper in low headroom conditions. The VHC has similar options to the AMC range. Intermediate outlets can be positioned along the horizontal run if product characteristics allow.

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HVC – Horizontal/Vertical Conveyors

This type of HVC is a high speed conveyor commonly used for downstream conveying of product from a mixer or vessel where headroom is limited. Inlets can be positioned at any point along the horizontal section providing multiple infeed points.

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HVH – Horizontal/Vertical/Horizontal Conveyors

The HVH is an extension of the high speed range of conveyors, providing a single machine for installations where three straight line conveyors would otherwise be necessary. The HVH accepts the majority of options available with the AMC range plus the facility for multiple inlet and outlet arrangements.

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HDC – Horizontal Distribution Conveyors

These conveyors are operated at slow speed for distributing material to multiple outlets. Inlet and outlet positions can be varied and a wide choice of discharge valves are available. If no valve is fitted at all material will carry over to next outlet as each receiving vessel is filled. Using Rotovalves (patent pending) enables clean cut off without residual product or contamination between different products being conveyed.


BTC – Conveyors

The BTC incorporates standard components of the AMC system but is a slow speed unit conveying via either tube. Inlets and outlets can be varied to suit the installation, as can height and reach.


The BTC has been developed to meet low throughput applications where due to the required inlet and outlet positions and site restrictions a straight line conveyor system would be unsuitable and uneconomical.


The BTC shown incorporates multiple inlets and outlets thus allowing several different products to be introduced in the conveyor and discharged at one or more outlets. Due to the slow speed and gentle action of the conveyor product degradation is kept to an absolute minimum making the BTC suitable for conveying extremely delicate friable products.

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RMC – Conveyors

The Ring Main Conveyor is a versatile and compact single tube conveying circuit using the wire rope, discs and many other standard AMC components.


The layout of the system, the inlet position, the location and number of distribution points, height, lift, reach and length are all infinitely variable as are the materials of construction and level of automation used to operate the system. The RMC is the ultimate all in one custom designed conveying and distribution system.



The configurations and conveyors shown are only a small selection of the Wysetech range of disc in tube conveyors. Contact us now so that we can share our 25 years experience with you and provide you with the solution to your conveying problem.


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