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Clamshell Buckets


Wysetech Limited is a leading manufacturer of hydraulically operated Clamshell Grab Buckets for truck mounted cranes (TMCs). After acquiring the designs and manufacturing rights for the complete range of buckets from Entecon in 2006 Wysetech have retained all the superb features of this bucket design as well as adding subtle changes to further improve the quality and reliability of this well respected Bucket.


The robust build quality and versatility of the Wysetech Clamshell Bucket range is therefore well known within the industry with thousands of buckets working hard in the field.


The proven reliability of the flagship Wysetech CSB5 bucket is unrivalled and makes it ideal choice for heavy-duty work on all types of vehicle-mounted cranes handling sand, gravel, rubble soil and rubbish and all other types of loose bulk material.


The unique geometry of the CSB5 and extra wide opening clamshells provides the best filling capacity and clean-up characteristics of any bucket on the market, saving time and money.

In addition to the 500 litre CSB5 the range is complemented by the smaller 300 litre CSB3 and 200 litre CSB2.


The entire range shares the unique combination of the powerful, horizontally mounted hydraulic ram and stabilising tie bar assembly guaranteeing parallel action and longer life for the piston rod and seals.


Fitted as standard to all buckets are reversible 500HB bolt-on cutting edges for long trouble free operation on even in the most arduous of conditions.


The hanging frame, onto which the clamshells are mounted is virtually torsion free, thanks to a 20mm thick, fully welded construction and the integral reinforcing base plate which not only helps create a super strong structure but also fully protects the stabilizing tie bar and hydraulic cylinder.


Unique to Wysetech buckets are the central clamshell stiffening ribs which ensue that the bucket is unable to twist and gives it tremendous strength, rigidity and stability.


All bushes are made of a hard-wearing bronze for long life and are equally well protected against ingress form dirt ensuring long reliable life.


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