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TransFlow Fluidising Media

Aeration Pads



TransFlow Aeration Pads are used to fluidise fine powdered, bulk materials to start and maintain flow out of new or existing hoppers, bins and silos and the like. These pads distribute air or gas uniformly causing positive flow of the stored material. Materials that have sluggish or sticky flow characteristics such as lime, flour, soda ash, bran, clay, carbon black, TiO2 , sawdust, detergents and resins can be successfully handled by TransFlow Aeration Pads.


Trans-Flow Pads are increasingly being used to retrofit to existing conveyor inlets and outlets where product build-up and poor flow are common.



The pads are constructed with TransFlow aeration media. This media is a multi layer wire mesh constuction with a very smooth finished contact surface that creates evenly distributed airflow. This finished layer also produces a layer of air that separates the bulk material from the media making it easy for the material to slide.


TransFlow Pads are extremely efficient due to the unique internal baffle design and all welded contruction. The fluidising media is welded to the back plate which provides 15% more surface area compared to other designs. Being an all metal construction, TransFlow pads are almost indestructible.


TransFlow Aeration Pads can be cleaned chemically or with steam and dry quickly. They do not flake, chip or degrade and are abrasion and corrosion resistant.



  • Guaranteed reliable and effective material flow.
  • Increased flow rates from your existing hopper and silos.
  • Reduced maintenance costs with long lasting, durable, corrosion resistant, oxidation resistant, high temperature and abrasion resistant media.
  • No moving parts.
  • Easy to clean and dry.
  • Cost savings due to low usage of low-pressure compressed air or gas.
  • Life time warranty.


Technical Specifications

  • Material: 316 stainless steel fluidising media with 304 stainless steel back and plated steel threaded pipe.
  • Continuously welded.
  • Standard pad size: 95mm wide x 175mm long x 10mm thick" complete with 10mm threaded pipe, 50mm long.
  • Operating temperature: Up to 530°C.
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistance.
  • Resistant to abrasion and puncture.